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    modeshape jndi name not working correctly


      setup: Wildfly 14, Java 11 and modeshape 5.3.0


      With the update from Wildfly 10 to Wildfly 14 the standalone.xml configuration is not working anymore. I moved from the standalone.xml configuration to a json file based approach.


      I initialise the repository with the RepositoryFactory approach. The config file has as binding jndiName = java:global/jcr/test When I lookup the repository with:


      InitialContext initCtx = new InitialContext();
        Context envCtx = (Context) initCtx.lookup("java:global");
        Repository repo = (javax.jcr.Repository) envCtx.lookup("jcr/test");


      Then everything works fine and I get a reference to my test repository. 


      I try to make the modeshape-web-explorer war work with my published application but I am not able to get it working correctly. I have changed the web.xml file and set the

      jndi-prefix to java:global/jcr. The jndi connector class expects a ModeShapeEngine during its lookup on java:global/jcr.  There is no ModeShapeEngine under that jndi name.

      Is there something I am missing here or what should I do to make it work?