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    Wildfly(10.1.0) Activemq HA in cloud

    Suraj Prajapati Newbie


      I am working on Wildfly 10.1.0 application server(Standalone mode). Wildfly is internally using Activemq as JMS provider.

      I want to achieve Queue clustering and Queue Ha in Cloud.


      I have already achieved queue clustering using TCp/IP approach(Jgroups in wildfly. JDBC_PING protocol).

      Now I want to achieve Queue HA. But It works as Active/Passive HA Topology that means i have to give jms backup server of another Active server which resides in another instance.

      So configuration would be like (Node1-Live/Node2-Backup) and (Node2-Live/Node1-Backup).


      How can i configure same in cloud environment where instances will be scaled and will be scaled down?