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    How to deploy Wildfly remotely through Eclipse?


      My local setup is Eclipse 2018-09 with "JBoss AS, WildFly & EAP Server Tools" 3.6.1.v20180926-1902, Wildfly 14.0.1, Windows 10.


      I have a local Wildfly server for development which is managed through Eclipse using a server adapter. It accepts only localhost connections. Now, I would like to deploy my WAR on a production remote host Windows server machine (I'm using AWS) that accepts all connections. I'm very new to this part. I would like to manage it through my local Eclipse, just like I'm doing with my local server, so that I don't need to login into the remote machine each time. I hope this makes sense. I downloaded Wildfly 14 on the remote machine to serve as its runtime.


      I created a new server adapter for Wildfly 14 and I'm going through the wizard:


      1. In "Server's host name", do I put in the remote IP or "localhost"? I tried both...

      2. I chose "This server is:" Remote, "Controlled by:" Management Operations, and gave my local runtime (I understand that this is not required).

      3. I created a New Host -> "System type": Windows -> "Parent profile" is my local computer, "Host Name" is the remote IP, and the rest is just names. I click Finish.

      4. In the dropdown list "Host", I only have "Local". The new host I just created does not appear. Similarly, in the "Remote server home" where I assume I need to select the Wildfly 14 directory on the remote host, the "Connection" dropdown list also only has "Local".


      Here is where I got stuck. Can anyone guide me through the process?