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    VC 4.0 with JDK1.3: EJB problem

    golubika Newbie

      Recently I installed Visual café 4.0 and plugged in JDK 1.3.
      I was trying to create empty EJB project: took some sample source files from WROX ‘Professional EJB’ chapter 2, added them to project. It compiles fine. After that I am trying to execute it and there is problem. I am getting:
      VisualCafe (12:14:27): Build Successful
      Internal VM (12:14:27): java.lang.NullPointerException
      Internal VM (12:14:27): at com.tendril.ide.cafe.EJBServer.deployBeanAction(Unknown Source)
      Internal VM (12:14:27): at com.tendril.ide.cafe.EJBServer.autoDeployBean(Unknown Source)
      Internal VM (12:14:27): at symantec.itools.ejbao.EJBPlugin._doProjectCommand(EJBPlugin.java:908)
      Internal VM (12:14:27): at symantec.itools.ejbao.EJBPlugin$ProjectCommand.run(EJBPlugin.java:825)
      Internal VM (12:14:27): at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:466)

      Did I miss any steps? Is anyone can help me with this? Is any online tutorial for creating EJB in VC? Help for Visual Café is not covering it in details. Thank you in advance.