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    How to configure failover server list in JON High Availabili

    mihirr das Newbie

      Hi ,

      I am not getting how failover mechanism is working in JON HA( High Availability ).

      The goal is to partition agents across servers while taking into consideration aspects such as affinity. Additionally, the partition algorithm will take into consideration failover topology. Agents will be assigned server lists (see below) in a weighted round robin fashion distribution.

      For example, in a 3-Server cloud with no affinity then agents would be assigned server lists similar to:
      A1 : S1, S2, S3
      A2 : S2, S3, S1
      A3 : S3, S1, S2
      A4 : S1, S3, S2

      Here where we are going to configure failover server configuration and what are the steps for this ?