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    JBoss 2.4.4, Catalina 4.0.1, Struts?

    Lim Wing Hoe Newbie

      My application make use of struts.jar. Previously when I was using weblogic, all I need to do is to specify the struts.jar to be in the classpath and weblogic can find the struts.jar file.

      In JBoss, I'm doing something like this. In order to allow dynamic changes to the JSP files during development process, it's not wise for me to war up the JSPs. So, I created a directory that looks like "myapp.war", to mimic the war file. Also, for EJB jar files, I create directory like "myejb.jar" and placed my EJB files and META-INF directory in proper structure.

      JBoss can read both war and jar in this way and run it.

      I have created a batch file that sets the environment variables to point to servlets.jar in catalina and struts.jar for the compilation process.

      I have also placed struts.jar in catalina's directory.

      My questions are:
      1. will jboss find the struts.jar when the web application request the struts files?
      2. where should I place the struts.jar if the above method that I use is not recommended?


      Wing Hoe