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    How to configure Wildfly load balancing with redirect ?

    Girish Pahak Novice

      I am working with wildfly undertow load balancer , and I added following configuration in standalone-load-balancer.xml but my request is not getting redirected? I added reverse proxy handler and host to the Undertow subsystem as :




            <reverse-proxy name="keycloak-handler">

            <host name="keycloak-host" outbound-socket-binding="remote-host" path="/auth"/>



      And then I defined outbound socket bindings for remote hosts as :



      <outbound-socket-binding name="remote-host">

                  <remote-destination host="" port="8443"/>


      And then added the reverse proxy to a location as :



      <host name="default-host">

          <location name="/auth" handler="keycloak-handler"/>

          <filter-ref name="load-balancer"/>