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    Wildfly14 : JDBC-PING - Not removing old entries from DB if I kill the server

    Bhavesh Kharwa Newbie



      I did following configuration in wildfly domain.xml for JDBC_PING


        <jdbc-protocol type="JDBC_PING" data-source="JGroupsDS">

              <property name="initialize_sql">

                       CREATE TABLE JGROUPSPING (own_addr varchar(200) NOT NULL, cluster_name varchar(200) NOT NULL, ping_data blob DEFAULT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (own_addr,cluster_name) )




      After did the above configuration in domain.xml and start the server, it registered entry in database. After that I kill the server and start server again then wildfly will not remove the old entry from the database.

      Can you please let me know what configuration that help me to remove old entry from the database