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    Problem in Session Replication in JBoss EAP 6.4 + Apache mod_cluster


      Hello, I am having some problems trying to configure session replication in JBoss EAP 6.4 domain mode + Apache with mod_cluster, I have already followed several guides and tutorials and tried several different configurations, but without success. The cluster works correctly, only the sessions that are not replicated.


      Here is the cluster topology:



      And here are some of the important parts of configuration files:




      <IfModule manager_module>


              ManagerBalancerName adapter-conectcor-cluster-group


                      <Location />

                              Require all granted


                      TimeOut 30

                      KeepAliveTimeout 5

                      MaxKeepAliveRequests 0

                      AdvertiseFrequency 5

                      EnableMCPMReceive on

                      <Location /modcluster_manager>

                              SetHandler mod_cluster-manager

                              Order deny,allow

                              Allow from

                              Require all granted



              <VirtualHost *:80>

                      ProxyPreserveHost On

                      ProxyPass /server-status !

                      ProxyPass /

                      ProxyPassReverse /

                      ProxyPassReverseCookiePath / /

                      <Location /server-status>

                              SetHandler server-status

                              Order deny,allow

                              Deny from all

                              Allow from







      <subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:modcluster:1.2">

           <mod-cluster-config advertise-socket="modcluster" proxy-list="" sticky-session="true" sticky-session-force="false" balancer="adapter-conectcor-cluster-group" connector="ajp">


                     <load-metric type="busyness"/>





      <cache-container name="web" aliases="standard-session-cache" default-cache="repl" module="org.jboss.as.clustering.web.infinispan">

           <transport lock-timeout="60000"/>

           <replicated-cache name="repl" mode="ASYNC" batching="true">



           <replicated-cache name="sso" mode="SYNC" batching="true"/>

           <distributed-cache name="dist" l1-lifespan="0" mode="ASYNC" batching="true">






      For the tests I'm using the attached project "counter.war", and if any other part of any configuration file is needed just ask. I appreciate any kind of help or tip.