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    WildFly 14.0.1 /wildfly-services endpoint access via Apache/mod_jk



      Please excuse this question if the answer seems obvious.


      I have been doing some testing of accessing the /wildfly-services endpoint via AJP in a WildFly 14.0.1 environment.  In the testing scenario, I can successfully access /wildfly-services via the https connector, but when attempting the same via Apache/mod_jk to the ajp connector I am unable to authenticate.


      In this same environment, I can successfully authenticate to restful webservices via AJP...  I do understand there is a difference between a deployed web service and it's security domain definition and the /wildfly-services endpoint.


      I have read through the documentation and from everything I can find accessing the /wildfly-services endpoint (used for http EJB or JNDI requests) is not possible via AJP.  Is that the correct understanding of the documentation?  Or did I miss something and merely need to alter my Undertow or Elytron configuration?


      Thanks for reviewing this question.  If it is possible and more details are needed, please let me know.