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    Request authentication from servlet filter in Elytron

    Gerson Samaniego Newbie



      I'm new in Elytron Security. I've been trying to migrate a wildfly application from 10 to 15. I need to authenticate the requests that comme through a Servlet. What is the best way to do this programmatically?


      I do not have web security configured, since the application is (Single Page Application) made with GWT. Currently, each request is authenticated in a filter servlet using Client-Login and Custom Login Module (Database access login module) definded in a legacy security domain.


      LoginContext lc = new LoginContext("client-login", new ClientCallbackHandler(login, password));



      What is the best alternative to replace this? The authentication cache will continue to working, so as not to access the database in each request?


      Thank you


      Gerson Samaniego