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    JBOSS 3 - local interface - servlet - ejb not bound

    Miguel Newbie

      Hi jbosses,

      I'm trying out XDOCLET with JBOSS 3. It is like a dream how XDOCLET generates the whole "redundant" stuff.

      However, I experienced some turbulence running my servlet trying


      Context initial = new InitialContext();
      Object objref = iniitial.lookup("java:comp/env/ejb/RecordManagement");
      RecordManagementLocalHome recordManagementLocalHome = (RecordManagementLocalHome) objref;


      in my servlet's init method. I always get an "ejb not bound" naming exception.

      web.xml entries look like this




      jboss-web.xml is empty (as mentioned in tutorial "Internal EJB reference"

      Could it be that the bundled jetty version does not support local interfaces ?

      The version of jboss3 I use is from cvs, 01/07/02.