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    Unable to deploy a bundle in fuse on karaf in linux


      Hi All,


      OS = 4.14.88-88.76.amzn2.x86_64

      fuse = fuse-karaf-7.2.0.fuse-720035-redhat-00001

      quickstarts sample app = <FUSE_HOME>/quickstarts/beginner/camel-cbr

      install command on karaf console = osgi:install -s mvn:org.jboss.fuse.quickstarts/beginner-camel-cbr/7.2.0.fuse-720035-redhat-00001



      karaf@root()> osgi:install -s mvn:org.jboss.fuse.quickstarts/beginner-camel-cbr/7.2.0.fuse-720035-redhat-00001

      Bundle IDs:

      Error executing command: Error installing bundles:

              Unable to install bundle mvn:org.jboss.fuse.quickstarts/beginner-camel-cbr/7.2.0.fuse-720035-redhat-00001: org.osgi.framework.BundleException: Unable to cache bundle: mvn:org.jboss.fuse.quickstarts/beginner-camel-cbr/7.2.0.fuse-720035-redhat-00001


      note: In windows, there is no error. The bundle is installed.


      What error is causing this? Please help me.