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    Frank Stolte Newbie


      I,m running two servers with Jboss/Jetty sharing the same MySQL database. One server is scanning a lot of web sites and stores the results in the database, while the other server is delivering the results as web pages.

      Both servers need to share one CMP EJB that has 4 persistent Java Objects. This bean gets updated by the server that does the scanning (every 3-5 min) while the other server only reads the information.

      The question is what is the best solution for the server that delivers the web pages and only reads the EJB to get hold of the information

      a) use the CMP EJB as normal without caching or according to the docu use the JBoss specific caching option for a specific time (in my case lets say 3-5 min)

      b)read the 4 Java objects from the data base direct

      c) try to get the EJB via JNDI from the other server
      (if this is the best option how do I specify the JNDI provider on the remote server for this bean if the JNDI provider for all other beans is the local server)