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    Wildfly 15 - does this support Hibernate 3.6.x, specifically JPA 2.0

    Ram Natarajan Newbie


      We have an application in Jboss5.1 that we are looking to upgrade to Wildfly 15.0. The current application on JBoss 5.1 uses the following version of hibernate tools:


      hibernate-core - 3.6.2.Final

      hibernate-ehcache - 3.6.2.Final

      hibernate-commons-annotations - 3.2.0.Final


      Hibernate-core-3.6.2 uses JPA 2.0. Though Wildlfy 15 supports JPA 2.2, i did not see anything in the documentation in WIldfly about dropping support for JPA 2.0. Can someone please confirm this?


      We are planning to migrate to Wildfly 15 in phases and wanted to see if we can retain the above versions of hibernate tools atleast in phase 1. So wanted to be sure that these tools work in Wildfly 15.


      Thanks in advance