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    JSON-B strangeness

    Nicklas Karlsson Master

      I'm trying to go all-JSON-B in my application so I ditched gson for de-serializing my json-configuration. I have something like


      Jsonb jsonb = JsonbBuilder.create(config);
      String json = getConfigJson(configFile);
      Type type = new ArrayList() {}.getClass().getGenericSuperclass();
      Collection environment = jsonb.fromJson(json, type);


      gson had TypeToken but many JSON-B tutorials appear to use the above way of getting the generic type information. I see in the debugger that type is




      but I still get a javax.json.bind.JsonbException: Can't create instance of a class: interface java.util.Collection, No default constructor found. Am I doing it all wrong or is something that is different from Java SE when I run it in-container (application-scoped producer method for loading the configuration)? Testing on WF14


      Edit: I actually verified this by making a Java SE-project with the  javax.json:javax.json-api:1.1.4 & org.glassfish:javax.json:1.1.4 & javax.json.bind:javax.json.bind-api:1.0 & org.eclipse:yasson:1.0.3 and there I was able to deserialize with that same Type. Strange.



      Thanks in advance,



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