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    Common parent for Narayana quickstarts maven modules




      I would like to propose a creation of the common quickstart (GitHub - jbosstm/quickstart: The quickstarts for the narayana project ) maven module.


      My intention is to have a one place where we can define:

      • common profiles could be defined (one of such profile is Arquillian JDK9+ which defines JVM arguments needed for smooth run of tests, see [JBTM-3122] jbosstm/quickstarts tests can't be run with jdk9+ - JBoss Issue Tracker)
      • common properties like arquillian version. This has benefit that quickstarts will run faster on CI as there won't be multiple versions to be downloaded.
      • common repositories like jboss one
      • unified checkstyle definition for all the quickstarts would be coded in one way which makes them easier to read


      I consider Tom's remark that the quickstarts were designed to be independent on each other ([JBTM-3106] adding lifecycle usage into the CDI JTA quickstart by ochaloup · Pull Request #247) and my intention is not to unified them. My proposal is for creating a place where a common stuff can be placed to. Otherwise the same configuration needs to be copied to multiple places.


      Other projects, e.g. WildFly, use the same approach of common parent quickstart/pom.xml at master · wildfly/quickstart · GitHub


      What do you think about this idea?


      Thank you