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    Jboss 7.2 Hornetq server and Wildfly 11




      What would be the best solution to receive messages from Jboss7.2 hornetq to Wildfly11 MDB?


      I tried a lot of tihings!

      1. I hacked hornetq 2.3.0CR1 hornetq.version.compatibleVersionList=121,122,123

      It worked, but i think it was very ugly and dangerous!


      2. I tried upgrade hornetq to 2.3.0CR2 on jboss7.2 but the build failed.


      3. Resource adapter hornetq-ra-2.3.0.CR1.jar doesn't worked on wildfly 11. I don't now why. The MDB doesn't see this ra.


      4. Bridge.

      I think it is not a good solution, when a server push the queue. But I think in this case i have to the jms-bridge put on the jboss 7.2 side.

      This bridge cannot connect to http-remote. I don't know why.


      5. Last idea. I make a hornetq 2.3.0 final server. And server put messages there and the client receive from there.

      Is it a good approach? (Other clients don't have to upgrade.)


      What is the "best" practise?

      Thank you!