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    [Wildfly 14] NoClassDefFoundError when using EE 8 Security-API

    lostiniceland Newbie

      Hello everyone


      I wanted to make use of the new JavaEE 8 Security-API. Therefore I implemented a custom javax.security.enterprise.authentication.mechanism.http.HttpAuthenticationMechanism as  well as a javax.security.enterprise.CallerPrincipal.


      However, when running Wildfly 14 with my WAR, I get a NoClassDefFoundError during deployment for both API-types (HttpAuthenticationMechanism, CallerPrincipal).

      I've also added jboss-web.xml to activate the feature as mentioned in this post:




      I wonder why Widlfy cannot link those files, since the JBoss-Module is available in my installation under <wildfly-install>\modules\system\layers\base\javax\security\enterprise\api\main and the jar contained within this module contains those classes.

      Am I missing something in order to make this module available to my WAR? Since it is JavaEE 8 I expected it to work out of the box.


      EDIT: what I find interesting is, that the deployment still continues. I would expect it to fail. Since it succeeded I tried to access my resource but then I get the following exception (but I guess since is just a followup because the custom authentication cannot be created)


      12:27:11,794 ERROR [org.jboss.security] (default task-1) [//] PBOX00374: Error getting ServerAuthContext for authContextId default-host /myroot and security domain jaspitest: javax.security.auth.message.AuthException




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          lostiniceland Newbie

          Well, after adding the following dependencies to my WAR it is working.













          This doesnt look right. Especially the api-jar should not be necessary in my application when using the javaee-8 full-profile dependency.