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    Sync Domain.xml between servers

    James Edgar Newbie

      I am currently trying to finish the set up of the cluster I have. Users are able to access the applications in the cluster, I have tested the load balancing and fail over with mod cluster and that works. The issue I am having is that if lbapp01 goes down, users will be able to access the sites and everything, but from an administration point, I have no access to the deployments. When I log on lbapp02, I do not see anything in the repository. Is there a way for me to synchronize lbapp02 with lbapp01. So if lbapp01 goes down, I will still be able to manage the deployments, etc... with lbapp02 Thanks for any help in advance.


      Here is my current setup is as follows.

      apps - HA Proxy that point to both lbapp01 and lbapp02


      lbapp01 - Main Domain Controller & Apache Mod Cluster

      lbapp02 - Backup Domain Controller & Apache Mod Cluster when other fails.


      app01 (Host 1)

      app02 (Host 2)

      app03 (Host 3)


      I have three server groups which all span the three host.

      server-group-one (app01.server-one, app02.server-two, app03.server-three)

      server-group-two (app01.server-four, app02.server-five, app03.server-six)

      server-group-three (app01.server-seven, app02.server-eight, app03.server-nine)

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          simkam Novice



          you can manage domain only from domain controller. If domain controller goes down it is not possible to manage domain from slaves. They don't have full copy of domain configuration.


          WildFly has sort of failover mechanism. On slaves you would need to configure domain discovery which allows reconnecting to one or more alternate domain controller.



            <remote security-realm="ManagementRealm">


                <static-discovery name="primary"  host="" port="9999}"/>

                <static-discovery name="backup"  host="" port="9999"/>





          backup can be one of other slaves which is started with --backup option which causes the slave host controller to create and maintain a local copy  of the domain configuration.


          When primary domain controller goes down, slaves with local copy of domain configuration has to be manually promoted to domain controller.