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    Difficulties configuring Load Balance for Cluster JBoss AS 7.1.1 Final


      Hi guys,


      I read a lot of documentation but so far I was not able to successfully configure a Load Balance using Apache 2.4 and mod_cluster/2.0.0.Alpha1-SNAPSHOT.

      First question would be: Why this version of mod_cluster?  Well, it was the only one I found digging internet.  The version of apache 2.4 changes a lot from 2.2 and many required modules I had to search and compile it.


      The configuration used is in the file ./conf/extra/httpd-loadbalance.conf and it is included in httpd.conf


      Apache runs but when accessing the

      The domain.xml has the full-ha profile configured and the multicast address to announce is OK.  Both IP and PORT.


      Points that might be relevant:

      • I must say that I want to do it in domain mode (full-ha profile);
      • My lab is using Amazon EC2;
      • My Apache is 2.4 - 64 bits
      • My mod_cluster is 2.0.0.Alpha1
      • My Master is running on the same host as the Apache
      • My Slave is running on a different host
      • I start with success by the web console the servers running on the other host


      The documentation for this procedure seems to be too simple (not criticising) - mod_cluster in AS7 - JBoss AS 7.1 - Project Documentation Editor  and it states that "The mod_cluster integration is done via the modcluster subsystem it requires mod_cluster-1.1.x.or mod_cluster-1.2.x (since 7.1.0)"

      However it does not mention the version of Apache and I was not able to find mod_cluster-1.2 to use on Apache since the site of mod_cluster changed.

      My best guess is that might be an issue with the version of mod cluster and apache.

      Nevertheless when I connect using CLI and run the command (:read-operation-names) on the correct node I get an error saying that this opperion is not suported.

      Here is the return of the opperations supported

      [domain@ subsystem=modcluster] :read-operation-names


          "outcome" => "success",

          "result" => [


















      What I need to do is just create a load balance for two distinct server groups and I am not even having success creating for one.


      Any ideas?

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          AS 7.1.1.Final is a very old legacy version, please upgrade to a recent version of WildFly, see Downloads · WildFly


          The mod_cluster container integration is supported with latest version of the native module. You can also use WildFly itself as load balancer – no need to deal with native bits.


          Amazon EC2 AFAIK does not support UDP multicast, therefore multicast automatic discovery is not going to work. You need to configure 'proxies' attribute (or proxy-list="..." in legacy versions) with list of possible load balancers.