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    Migration from JBoss-5.1 to Wildfly-11

    Marcelo Leite Newbie

      Hello, there.


      I have been working on an upgrade from JBoss-5.1/JEE5/JDK6 to Wildfly-11/JEE7/JDK8.


      The application migrated is performing ok, but I am facing some issues related to database access, especially to the SQL/HQL/Criteria executions runtimes. For example, one specific query running under JBoss-5.1 takes 10secs to run, but under Wildfly-11 it takes 2min. The query is the same and the database is the same.


      During the tests I got a thread dump and got some outputs like that:

      - locked <2f022383> (a org.postgresql.core.v3.QueryExecutorImpl)


      I've investigated the Postgresql driver release-notes looking for some bugs, but could not find anything. I also tried a few versions of the driver, including the last and stable one.


      I've also investigated the Hibernate 5.1.x (the version used by Wildfly) release notes, but could not find anything either.


      Could you guys help with any tips or ways that I can go through?


      Thanks in advance.


      Marcelo Leite