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    mod_cluster 1.3.11 - proxy: byrequests balancer FAILED



      i have trouble with newest mod_cluster 1.3.11 - mod proxy cluster in Apache.
      I had builded mod_cluster with Apache HTTPD 2.4.39, but there id no possible to connect to jboss server due the error:

      [:debug] [pid 17086:tid 139780406683392] mod_proxy_cluster.c(2482): proxy: byrequests balancer FAILED
      [:error] [pid 17086:tid 139780406683392] proxy: CLUSTER: (balancer://bal1). All workers are in error state


      But when there is OK status in mod_cluster manager web page
      Also in jboss when i tried to debug org.jboss.modcluster class, there is no problem.


      But I'm using previous version of mod_cluster 1.3, so there is still same configuration and also when I rollback to older version 1.3.10 it is working OK.


      I also tried to build mod_cluster 1.3.11 with older version od apache (2.4.37) - issue is same


      Because I'm using jboss EAP 6.4 is there as jboss module version mod_cluster-core-1.2.12.Final used. Should be this the problem? But I have this issue never before. 


      Do you have same experince with this newest mod_cluster version?