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    Silent Login via JBoss Seam Framework


      Hi Team,


      Could you please provide suggestions on handling the below scenario using Jboss Seam framework.


      There is an existing application(JBoss Seam based application with JSF) which upon launching its URL(ex: https://myHost:8543/myApplication2) lands the user in the Login page.


      There is a requirement now to reuse this application for a scenario where this application will be launched from another application(ex: myApplication1) which embeds username and session details in the Http Request.

      Upon this request, the application2 will perform silent login in without showing any login page explicitly and lands in Home page because the required authentication is already handled in application1.



      The below design implementation is being considered in application1 where the login authentication is expected to be managed via JBoss Custom login.


                      <security-domain name="SampleApplication">


                              <login-module code="com.mycompany.SampleReportsAuthenticationModule" flag="required"/>




      We would like to understand if there are any alternate proposals to handle this scenario via JBoss Seam framework. Thanks in advance.



      Thanks & Regards,