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    jboss3 ejb-local-ref from servlet

    Miguel Newbie


      could anybody please give a short comment about if and if yes how it is possible to invoke EJBs from servlets via their local interfaces in jboss3/jetty.

      I think there is a lot of speculation on this issue out there.



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          Wilfried Newbie

          As far as my testing goes, this has always been possible with JBoss 3.0. The binding is a bit unexpected though, which might have stopped a few people from getting it working (including myself till 10 min. ago ;-)

          All local homes seem to be bound as "local/<ejb-name>". So, if you have got a bean named CurrencyBean with a local home CurrencyHome, you would look it up like this:

          InitialContext ic = new InitialContext();
          CurrencyHome c = (CurrencyHome) ic.lookup("local/CurrencyBean");

          Please note that there is no "java:" or "java:comp/env" or so involved here.

          Kind regards, Wilfried

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            Scott Sayles Newbie

            You may also want to note that you can redefine the local interface JNDI name in jboss.xml with <local-jndi-name>. For example:


            so instead of....


            you can do....


            This was not in the dtd. I'm not sure if it' still not there, but you should be able to use it.

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              Miguel Newbie

              Two great answers !!

              However, the following questions seem to be left open:

              Using local-jndi-name do I need ejb-local-ref in my servlet ?

              Should lookup via "local/Beanname" work without any reference in my servlet ?

              (using jboss3/jetty from cvs)


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                Scott Sayles Newbie

                local-jndi-name will redefine the global jndi name. You can either use the global name or use a reference defined with ejb-local-ref. However, the last I know of, Jetty does not support <ejb-local-ref>. But this may have changed recently.