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    JBoss  Wildfly 11 206 Partial Content Issue

    ravi sapra Newbie

      Hi All,


      We are facing an issue after migrating to Jboss EAP 7.1.6 which I believe uses Wildfly version 11. For one of the angular webpage, it is not loading completely after migrating it to EAP 7. IN chrome network tab we can see that for few static files sever is returning 206 partial content. If we refresh the page multiple times then the page is loaded completely which i understand that once all the static files are loaded it works fine.


      In our undertow configuration we have have byte range filter enabled as of now. We tried disabling byte range filter but in that case server return partial files content with response code as 200 for few of the requests. We tried configuring IO subsystem buffer pool and tried various configurations for buffer size and buffers per slice but no luck.


      I would really appreciate if someone can provide any pointers on why partial content is served with 200 response code when byte range filter is not enabled. We are really struck here and could not find any article on how to resolve this issue.