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    Communication between Jboss Undertow load balancer/Web server and jboss app server

    anuj kumar Newbie

      Hi Team,


      Our legacy application uses static contents (styles/images/scripts) packaged inside war. Below is deployment model we are following.



      Current deployment model uses:

      Manual deployment to VM'S

      Web server - IBM HTTP WEB SERVER

      App server - IBM WebSphere



      Proposed deployment model will use:

      Open shift deployment

      Webserver - Undertow

      App server - JBoss 7.1


      We are trying to migrate it to open shift environment deployment. We are trying to have undertow web server in front of jboss app server to serve the static content (placed inside war) and to balance the load across backend server.



      When we start both the server, front server registers the backend server with "/my-app" which is our war name deployed under backend server. In our jsp pages, we are using styles, scripts and images with url "/my-app/styles/abc.css", "/my-app/image/abc.png". So every request with url formation "/my-app" is handled by backend server but we want this should be handled by front web server.


      Is there any way that we could make that front server do not register the backend server with  name "/my-app" or we need to change jsp page code to remove "/my-app/styles/abc.css" to this "/styles/abc.css" and place static contents as external configuration outside war.


      Looking forward for any suggestion/comments.