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    Simple JaxRs Example

    Simdea SysAdmin Newbie

      Hello all, I'm very new to all of this and I'm trying to create a simple project in Java EE using a ear with three submodules (one for storage, one for web-api and one for core processing).


      I'm trying to expose a REST web api using JAX-RS and i'm faced with two problems:

      1. I'm not sure that my api is being exported by undertow;
      2. There is no simple way for me to know what the endpoints for my apis are;
      3. When i use the HAL console to check my jax-rs subsystem and use that to check the only class i have with JAX-RS annotations, the console gives me the following error:

      "WFLYCTL0216: Management resource '[

        (\"deployment\" => \"sample.ear\"),

        (\"subdeployment\" => \"com.sample.simple-api.jar\"),

        (\"subsystem\" => \"jaxrs\"),

        (\"rest-resource\" => \"com.sample.simple.api.security.impl.SecurityController\")

      ]' not found"


      Can anyone help me with this issues? Thank you all in advance