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    How to use the new WF 17 distributable-web subsystem with Keycloak?


      I'm looking at WF 17 configuration for the new distributable-web subsystem and wondering how it works with a 3rd party SSO provider, in this case Keycloak.


      In previous versions of WF, you had to disable SSO in wildfly in order to use Keycloak.


      I looked over the subsystem model, and I don't see any obvious way to disable SSO, and the only 2 provider options are Hotrod and Infinispan.   I don't think that I want to entirely remove the subsystem, otherwise session replication won't work.


              <subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:distributable-web:1.0" default-session-management="default" default-single-sign-on-management="default">
                  <infinispan-session-management name="default" granularity="SESSION" cache-container="web">
                  <infinispan-single-sign-on-management name="default" cache-container="web" cache="sso"/>
                  <infinispan-routing cache-container="web" cache="routing"/>


      How does one disable SSO?