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    Unable to inject HttpServletRequest in Wildfly 12.0

    Manjusha Nair Newbie

      I was using Wildfly 8.2 which had weld 2.2.6 and upgraded to Wildfly 12.0 with weld 3.0.3. We are using injected HttpServletRequest object in thread and reading parameters from it. After upgrading to Wildfly 12.0, using instance of HttpServletRequest in thread gives the following error :

      org.jboss.weld.contexts.ContextNotActiveException: WELD-001303: No active contexts for scope type javax.enterprise.context.RequestScoped


      I tried a patch update of weld 3.0.4 for Wildfly 12, tried using AsyncContext. But nothing worked. Is there any way to fix this issue?


      Thanking in advance.