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    Can we configure a queue with queue filter in wildfly 15 and above?


      Hi All,


      I am investigating activemq artemis (integerated into wildfly 15 and above). The version of artemis is v2.6.3 in wildfly 15.


      I have been successful in testing queue filter when I run a java application talking to a standalone artemis server. However, I would like to do it in wildfly since wildfly seems to support the "queue" (not jms-queue).

      (WildFly 15.0 Model Reference )


      In standalone artemis server, you can configure the following in broker.xml:


      <address name="exampleQueueAddress">


              <queue name="exampleQueueRed">

                  <filter string="color='red'"/>


              <queue name="exampleQueueBlue">

                  <filter string="color='blue'"/>


              <queue name="exampleQueueAddress">

                  <filter string="color=''"/>





      The <anycast> is essential to the success of the queue filter function. However, I have not found such an attribute for configure a "queue" in wildfly configuration (standalone-full.xml). Therefore, when I configure the following in wildfly


                      <queue name="exampleQueueRed" address="exampleQueueAddress" durable="false" filter="color='red'"/>

                      <queue name="exampleQueueBlue" address="exampleQueueAddress" durable="false" filter="color='blue'"/>

                      <queue name="exampleQueueAddress" address="exampleQueueAddress" durable="false" filter="color=''"/>

                      <address-setting name="exampleQueueAddress" expiry-address="jms.queue.DLQ" expiry-delay="3600000" redelivery-delay="10000" redelivery-multiplier="1.1" max-delivery-attempts="-1" max-size-bytes="1048576" page-size-bytes="100000" address-full-policy="PAGE"/>



      I can find out the routing type to be "multicast" in jconsole (under org.apache.activemq.artemis), and I have no way to modify the routing type. This issue is also verified with a hawtio application that I placed to the deployment folder.


      Is there anyway to set it to "anycast"?