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    Does anyone respond in this forum? Or, am I wasting my time?


      No one responds to this forum, the chat, or to any wildfly questions on stack overflow.

      Is there a paid support option?

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          WildFly is community driven project (sponsored by Red Hat) as such it relies on volunteers in community to help each other.

          Developers also quite often respond to questions.


          But keep in mind that as a developer you see lots of questions coming from community day in and day out.

          This questions / discussions can usually be split in few categories such as:

          1) commonly asked questions that have been answered many times already (examples: how to configure datasource with custom jdbc driver, how to set system properties)

          2) common misconceptions or usage problems, configuration issue (examples how do I configure global shared module to have my app use it)

          3) application deployment issues, usually caused by application packaging issue (clashing jars in lib, like two hibernate versions,...)

          4) complex configuration problems

          5) edge cases that result from misconfiguration and / or bug in application server

          6) Problems caused by actual bugs in app server or one of its dependencies (for example a NPE in newer version of hibernate for your use case)

          7) feature request, behavioral problems, development (of app server not user application)

          (and probably few more)


          now, about 90% of questions fall under 1,2 & 3 categories, and those questions ware answered, discussed and in most cases also extra documented.

          As result most of community (and developers) that see those types of questions doesn't even respond to them anymore as they have seen it so many times that it doesn't make any sense anymore.

          In most cases problems like that can be solved by using google as there are not many thing left to say about them.


          then you are left with less than 10% of questions that are at least interesting to community & devs to look at, Sometimes those can get lost in the volume of all others.

          When it comes to chat it is also tricky as developers on the WildFly team are distributed globally and not always online when you are. So maybe question that user asks on chat would be something a developer working in that area would love to help with, but said developer is in completely different timezone so he doesn't see the question until the original asker is offline.


          Said all that, if you need prompt commercial support you can go with Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform aka JBoss EAP which is based off upstream WildFly.

          see Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss EAP)  about details on that.