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    Migration of EJB 2.1 from Weblogic to JBoss EAP 7.2


      Hi All,

      I have been trying to migrate ejb2 which runs on top of the weblogic server which should run on jboss 7.2 server . My application was developed using xdoclet tools., I came to know that the tool is no longer in use .In My Old build.xml there were many ejbdoclet elements being used to generate value objects and weblogic specific deployment descriptors . How do i change or re write the build.xml without using these ejbgen and ejbdoclets for ejb2.1.

      Please provide what are the xml files are needed/required to convert/deploy and accessing the ejb 2.1 application in jboss eap 7.2.

      If you provide the sample example project application(EJB 2.1 in Jboss 7) that will be great help!!!.

      Your response in this matter is greatly appreciated . Thanks in advance .