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    Drools 7.23.0.Final fails when calling buildAll() method from another Java method




      I have been trying drools as a standalone java application (inside a main() function) with a sample drl file. It worked fine.


      But, when I change it to a function and invoke it from another java class, I get the below error.


      Could somebody help to analyze what went wrong?


      Error :

      WARN  2019-07-24 10:53:47,235 [[MuleRuntime].cpuLight.01: [test].drools-test.CPU_LITE @60917add] [event: 33798f20-add3-11e9-922a-8a787356b459] org.drools.compiler.kie.builder.impl.KieBuilderImpl: File 'src/main/resources/C:/Users/ramprasanthv/Desktop/drools/message1.drl' is in folder 'C:/Users/ramprasanthv/Desktop/drools' but declares package 'droolsexample'. It is advised to have a correspondance between package and folder names.