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    How to access queue with JNDI for queues with queue filter capability?

    wayne tech Apprentice

      Hi All,


      Artemis has a queue definition that allow a list of queues under one address (https://activemq.apache.org/components/artemis/documentation/ ). There is a section about "Address model" on how to configure this type of queue. This queue can be accessed through client side jndi property although Artemis server does not have a jndi server provided.


      In Wildfly 16 and beyond, the queue can be configured with routing type as ANYCAST. I can see that there is no JNDI entry for the queue. However, I tried to use client side jndi to access the queue and there was no error and the queue was not null. However, application complained the queue does not exist (Destination xxx does not exist) when I was trying to create a MessageConsumer with destination set to the queue.


      Is there a way to use JNDI in wildfly 16 and above to access the queue?