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    Migration from Oracel tuxedo to Jboss




      i was used oracle tuxedo and i have Service txrpt .



      txrpt analyzes the standard error output of a BEA Tuxedo ATMI system server to provide a summary of service processing time within the server. The report shows the number of times dispatched and average elapsed time in seconds of each service in the period covered. txrpt takes its input from the standard input or from a standard error file redirected as input. Standard error files are created by servers invoked with the -r option from the servopts(5) selection; the file can be named by specifying it with the -e servopts option. Multiple files can be concatenated into a single input stream for txrpt. Options to txrpt have the following meaning.


      now we want to change to jboss but i don`t know if this Service available in Jboss or not and if yes whats is it ?


      can anyone help me please ?