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    java.io.FileNotFoundException  BeanName.ser file not found

    sivakumar sivakumar Newbie

      Dear All

      Our application uses around 64 ejb's in that 25 are stateless and remaining r statefull.when my jsp acess one of my statefull ejb it gives and exception as java.io.FileNotFoundException BeanName.ser file not found.
      when i restart my jboss server it works correctly.after an hour or two i am getting the same problem.however we tried to trace this problem:

      1.by watching the file creation and deletion in db folder of jboss.
      2.by configuring the standardjboss.xml file increasing the session time etc.

      the problem still continues...
      pl guide us in solving this problem.

      jboss server version we use is 2.3.4