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    WF 17 REST Could not find message body reader


      I have a very simple REST-controller-POJO for managing a service, essentially it just looks like




      String start(int port) {

      // start service



      and it works fine


      Strangely enough, Once I split out the class into an interface and an implementation and put the JAX-RS annotations on the interface, calling e.g. the start method results in


      RESTEASY003200: Could not find message body reader for type: int of content type: */*


      How come it forgets about primitive types when defined on the interface? I've tried adding a @Consumes wildcard, octet-stream and text/plain but I either get the same error or an 415. The need for @Consumes for a GET seems a bit strange, anyway.


      Any pointers?


      Thanks in advance,