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    best mode to migrate a webapp single page with seam application  in new jboss eap7.1


      Hi everybody


      I  must migrate in to server jbss eap 7.1  an old application jre 1.5 with seam 2.1


      the constraints

      - jre 1,7

      - jboss 7.1

      - use a module dependency of jboss 7

      - use maven



      -- the issues --

      the old strucutre is made by ejb3.0  and jsf1.2

      I may migrate with the minimum effort.

      It is necessary

      migrate seam from 2.1 to 2.3

      restructure deploy module with maven and Jboss-moduel dependencies

      upgrade jsf to 2.x

      upgrade ejb to 3.1


      My idea is to conserve SEAM because inside it has EJb3 and Jsf end many more, upgrading  the single tecnocologies to new



      Any advices ?


      thank you so much