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    WildFly 17 load balance with mod_cluster without apache in domain mode


      I've successfully created a WildFly cluster with 3 hosts in domain mode. Now I'm trying to get the mod_cluster subsystem without apache or other server in the middle, as I've seen it's possible, but I haven't found any recent documentation to accomplish that.

      I've tried several ways and configs but none of them worked. Apps and persistence units are deployed and configured on master and replicated to slaves by the master, and context is accesible on all servers.

      But if I try to get the context on port 80 (load balancer), all I got is a 404. Also, it doesn't show the "welcome to WildFly" startup page for no-context requests, so loadbalancer group isn't "connecting" to main-server-group and it's deployed apps.

      Any help would be very appreciated. Here's my topology: