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    Problem In Connection Pooling

    sivakumar sivakumar Newbie

      Dear All

      We have a common stateless session ejb called DataEJB which connects to database and performs query execution.DataEJB uses connection pooling of jboss server which is configured.Now when i start using this DataEJB mulitiple times simultanously its giving sql exception.

      on the debuging process we came to know that it has crossed the connection limit of Oracle server(8i).which means that connection instances is not back to the pool after executing the query.i.e when i pass 10 insert query's to DataEJB it creates 10 connection pooling instances.Out of this only one insert is commited and rest 9 is not commited.when i restart my jboss server all the 9 connection pooling instances are killed and hence records are commited.

      we explictly closed the connection in the finally block of DataEJB after executing the query it did't work.

      kindly guide us in solving the same.