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    Wildfly 17.0.1 won't start if only https management interface is defined

    Bartosz Mazurkiewicz Newbie



      I'm in the middle of the exercise with Wildfly 14 to 17.01 migration. And there's a spoiler in the subject line ;-)

      Once I completed migration of my standalone.xml I found out that my new shiny set up keeps breaking upon booting.

      Without any trace in Wildfly logs, Java error logs, system logs etc. after 5 or 6 seconds from launching JVM silently shuts down (with exit code 1)

      I spent last 3 days trying to figure out what is going on (strace, JFR, jstack, swapping java, tuning its flags and many many others - all to nothing), and finally as the last resort I started to go with this by elimination method (switching off subsystems).

      Thsi dumb approach was the best - what I discovered is when management http-interface is setup with socket-binding limited to only "https", booting of 17.0.1 will fail silently

      This is a snip from my configuration:




      Just change line 3. to the following (and add proper "plain" interface to configuration of course):


      <socket-binding http="management-plain" https="management-ssl"/>


      And viola! It boots now.

      Once issue was pinned down I tried 18.0.0-Beta1, and it seems to works just fine with only https defined (as you would expect)

      Do you know - by any chance - what could cause of shutdown with "https" binding only on 17.0.1?

      From JFR (Java Flight Recorder) I noticed only that Java shutdown has been requested; there are no other data that I could relay on as mentioned above...

      (booting log file indeed looks like you decided to shutdown JVM while Wildfly is booting up!; no errors, even warnings, nothing!)


      Please advise




      EDIT: OK, I found the bug: [WFCORE-4560] HTTP management interface fails to start if backed by a "https" socket-binding - JBoss Issue Tracker

      Case closed!