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    bean message

    mannu Newbie

      Sorry once again for another newbie's question...
      I understood how to use session and entity beans and I what I will bean able to do with them. But now, I would like to know what can I do with bean message, (I know: send message asynchrously), what are exactly their advantages, and why should I use them, and what could they offer to me?
      I would like concrete examples to understand their use...
      Be sure I would very happy to have many answers!

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          David Jencks Master

          It's kind of like, in a big company, you need something, so you fill out a purchase order and send it to Purchasing. You don't need to spend your time waiting for a response, you can do something else while the other departments are processing it.

          In ejb terms, it allows the component that sent the message to return quickly, saying "your request is being processed."

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            mannu Newbie

            Thanks a lot, it is the kind of response I was waiting for.