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    Creating a temporary user in Keycloak


      Hi there,


      I would like to hear your advice about the following scenario.


      We're studying Keycloak to possibly implement its use in our organization. We need to implement the specific request:


      We need to able to create a temporary user with the following:

      1) Create a temporary user with username and password.

      2) Add a starting date (day, month, year, time), which could be setup to any time in the future.

      3) Add a finishing date (day, month, year, time), which should lock the account and stop access to keycloak when it reaches the setup time.

      4) The user should be able to be assigned to one or various clients, to one or various groups, receive one or more roles.


      Studying your documentation, we've found under Time-Based Policy quite a similar scenario to what we need to implement, but in Keycloak, it is applied to Clients. We would like to setup some kind of Time Policy for a User.


      Is there any way to apply this to the current keycloak version? Have you come across anything along these lines?


      Thanks in advance for your attention.

      Kind regards,

      Ana Dunning