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    non-existant column 'mode:localName' in '__ALLNODES__'


      Let me start by saying that I am totally new to JCR and ModeShape. I am just playing around a little. And I got a weird error.


      The statements:


      Query q = ses.getWorkspace().getQueryManager().createQuery("SELECT author,time,title,body FROM [nt:unstructured] WHERE author = '" + author + "' AND title IS NOT NULL", Query.JCR_SQL2);

      QueryResult q1 = q.execute();


      gives me this error:


      Exception in thread "main" org.modeshape.jcr.query.parse.InvalidQueryException: The view references a non-existant column 'mode:localName' in '__ALLNODES__'


      And I am totally blank about what can cause this error.