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    Help to identify provenance of a warning

    Andrew Dinn Master

      Hi all,


      I have noticed some errors in the wildfly test suite when using new functionality added in jdk14. These relate to the  support I added to the JVM/JDK for mapping non-volatile RAM into a ByteBuffer. The problem does not appear to be with the ByteBuffer code itself. It appears to relate to the presence of a new BufferPoolMXBean in the list of buffer pool  beans returned by ManagementFactory.getPlatformMXBeans().


      The error message associated with the test failures is


      ERROR [org.jboss.as.controller.management-operation] (management-handler-thread - 1) WFLYCTL0013: Operation ("read-attribute") failed - address: ([
          ("core-service" => "platform-mbean"),
          ("type" => "buffer-pool"),
          ("name" => "mapped_-_'non-volatile_memory'")
      ]) - failure description: "WFLYPMB0005: No BufferPoolMXBean with name mapped_-_'non-volatile_memory' currently exists"


      Something in the bowels of Wildfly (or one of the components it drives) is finding the new MXBean and writing an error.


      This is causing test failures in cases where the tests expects a specific success output to be written to System.out/err. One such example is test ClientCompatibilityUnitTestCase in the o.j.a.test.integration.management.api package hierarchy (under testsuite/integration/basic). I'd really like to know where this error is coming from and identify what would be needed to correct the code so that it either


        i) ignores the extra BufferPoolMXBean or

        ii) does something appropriate to respond to its presence (as it does for the existing "mapped" bean).


      So, can anyone shed some light?





      Andrew Dinn