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    Why is a running JBoss EAP 4.3CP02 instance always shown as

    Fred Zhang Newbie

      I just set up a Jopr 2.2 server and added several JBoss EAP 4.3 CP instances to it. Most of them looks fine on Jopr, but there is one running JBoss EAP instance that is always shown as DOWN in Jopr.

      The configuration of the "DOWN" instance is exactly the same as another EAP instance which looks fine on the Jopr server. Also there is no error or warning message in the agent log file. And other resources (cpu/file/...) on the same box (a RHEL 5.2 server) all looks fine.

      I also used avail command in the agent shell, the line for the EAP 4.3 CP02 is listed below:
      + Resource[id=500558, type=JBossAS Server, key=/home/jbossas/jboss/server/all, name=oasis-ejbc1 JBossEAP 4.3.0.GA_CP02 all (, parent=oasis-ejbc1.mybest.com, version=4.3.0.GA_CP02] (sync=SYNCHRONIZED, state=STARTED, avail=DOWN, sched=12/15)

      I've re-installed the agent and restarted the JBoss EAP server several times, the JBoss EAP instance is always shown as down.

      What could possiblly cause this problem? Any idea?

      Thanks in advance.