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    very important question about entity bean + warjort

    mannu Newbie

      My very important question is the next one:
      I have a db linked to ejb entities. That's meaning that I have to ways to add data:
      first one: create ejb entity, which will update my db; and second one: directly by accessing to my db.
      In this second case, does jboss server know (because of the .ldb?)in the same time that a new data has been added (without doing a findall() on my ejb), and then could I make an event, like a message or another update to another database? In other terms, is jboss able to detect changes in a database, and then, produce an event in background, without showing anything to any users.

      Make sure, I would be very very happy to have many responses, specialy from warjort, my master...