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    Sub-space for older versions of Wildfly?

    Nuno Couto Newbie

      Wondering if folks would be interested in creating a sub-space here for those of us working with older versions of Wildfly? Some problems seem to be quite unique and it would be good to have a place specifically related to helping each other. Reply if you are interested.

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          Nicolas Alvargonzalez Newbie

          I think I would love a place where tips and tricks, tutorials, and every quirk is collected and shared.


          Now we definitely have some: the forums, and the windup tool but:


          a) As years pass, the solutions and recommendations for, let's say an old JBoss 4.4.2 will be changing, many quistions will be still without answer.

          b) The windup tool is awesome but not that known out there, so engineers keep having the same issues and unanswered questions.


          I hope to hear other users about their specific WildFly (and JBoss) usage and how Nuno's suggestion sounds!