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    Datagrid readinessProbe and livenessProbe failing for 1 Pod


      We have a Datagrid 7.2 cluster on 2 pods in OpenShift. This has been up for about a month. Recently one of the pods apparently failed the livenessProbe and was re-started. Since then it has been in a restart loop as it fails the readinessProbe.


      Examining the output of the readinessProbe.sh, the only thing I can see in error is:

                  "___counter_configuration(repl_sync)": "INITIALIZING",


      Is there a remedy for an issue with this cache failing to initialize?


      I have already tried scaling down to 1 pod and scaling back up, but the new pod has the same issue with the ___counter_configuration(repl_sync) failing to complete initialization.


      Thank you.